How to get these 5 minutes to yourself – a free eBook


What do women really (really) want?

To rule over the world?


To rule over men, as one of the Arthurian Legends says?

Now, only a man could write that.

To have unlimited access to tasty but 0% calories chocolate?

Wait, that’s not a bad one, actually.

BUT what we mean at the moment is something simpler and harder at the same time. Any woman entangled in a never ending circle of housework and catering for her kids’ constant needs and demands knows the answer. She just want to tear out from the day some time of peace and quiet, when she can do whatever she wants. Some guilt and anxiety free, relaxing ‘me-time’.

We’re answering this need in our new free eBook. If you want a copy, just leave us your email address in a box below, and we’ll deliver it to you straight away. If you can’t find it, check the spam section, sometimes our emails can hide in there.

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Essential oils part 2 – lavender and what it has to do with Sherlock

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

If herbs were actors, I think lavender  would be Benedict Cumberbatch. While not exactly a beauty, it possesses an undeniable charm. Thanks to its versatility it can prove itself in multiple uses. It’s very easy to recognize. And last but not least – you see it everywhere these days.

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Some essential info on essential oils

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

You see them everywhere. The internet is swelling with testimonies of people miraculously cured by them. Natural-lifestyle addicts clean their houses with them. And you ponder – what is it in them? Is it some hippie-talk, magic, or do essential oils really work?

Let’s find out