GUEST POST: How to take photos that will boost your traffic – an expert advice.

Last week we wrote about visuals in blog posts. Today we’ve got a treat for you. We contacted Alina, a blogger whose beautiful pictures draw attention of  a few thousand of Instagram users worldwide. She’s going to share some of her secrets about creating really jaw-dropping visuals.

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Stop that procrastinating, will you?

You’re waiting for the weekend to sort out some important stuff. On Friday, you have plenty of time ahead – two whole days. On Saturday, you’re not worried, as there is Sunday left. Then you blink, and Sunday turns into Monday. You’re waiting for the weekend then, to sort out your stuff, this time for sure.

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5 reasons to love winter



Lady Winter finally visited UK attired properly in white. In other words – for a while we had snow. That inspired us to rethink our relationship with winter season. Do we love it? Do we hate it? Are we somewhere in between? Here is an effect of those thoughts: an ultimate list of things we love about winter.

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