Frivolous Flash Fiction Fun – Watson or Whatsoff? Lestrade solves the case!


And now for something completely different. We’re not all about healthy lifestyle, writing tips etc. We’re enjoying some quick flash fiction too – the sillier the better 😉 It’s not going to change the world or cure modern economy. But if it will make at least one person smile – well, mission accomplished.

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Organize home and life – power in your hands (really!)


“My house is such a mess”. How many times you hear such a confession from overtired friend? How many times you admit it yourself? It looks like despite all the time spent on cleaning, tidying and scrubbing, effects are never visible for long enough.

Want to know how to change it?

Living happily ever-after or grounded? Disney princesses in a different light


Who doesn’t love Disney’s classics? We were growing up watching these magical stories and filling our little minds with dreams of adventures, true love and so. But here’s the funny thing about pretty much EVERYTHING we remember from childhood.

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5 reasons to love winter



Lady Winter finally visited UK attired properly in white. In other words – for a while we had snow. That inspired us to rethink our relationship with winter season. Do we love it? Do we hate it? Are we somewhere in between? Here is an effect of those thoughts: an ultimate list of things we love about winter.

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A few crazy facts about the tea I bet you’ve never heard of


Come on, who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea? Although there are so many different kinds of this beverage – around 1,500 different types to be exact – everywhere in the world it is associated with relax, hospitality and tranquility. But tea, as many things in the world, has also a few secrets not known to general public. At least, until now.

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What is it all about..? A short introduction

pratchett-discworld-quotes-words-unseen-academicals.jpgHello, dear Guest, welcome to MTS writing unique blog. Tea? Coffee? Maybe some biscuit with that? Or, for the food for thought, can we interest you in any of our articles? Whatever you choose, enjoy and please come again.

Blog of the writing company should be all about writing and sales, right? Wrong! At the MTS writing we believe that life is too varied to enclose ourselves in just one subject box. That’s why you will read articles about wide variety of subjects on our blog: from natural health, through useful life hacks, to shopping advices or finding happiness (sometimes last two can mean the same!). If you want to hear more from us, join us on Instagram, for some inspiration, news and simply fun.