Free gift for everyone and princess tales retold


Who doesn’t love free stuff? And when we’re saying free – we mean it. No registration or leaving your details, shoe number or soul. Click and it’s yours.

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Frivolous Flash Fiction Fun – Watson or Whatsoff? Lestrade solves the case!


And now for something completely different. We’re not all about healthy lifestyle, writing tips etc. We’re enjoying some quick flash fiction too – the sillier the better 😉 It’s not going to change the world or cure modern economy. But if it will make at least one person smile – well, mission accomplished.

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Clean entertainment for the whole family? And funny, too? Yes, you can have it, thanks to Studio C!

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Harry Potter walks into a bar and mistakes Gandalf for Dumbledore. I’m not telling a joke here, I’m describing the very first sketch of an American comedy group –  Studio C  – I have ever seen. And that was the beginning of the roller coaster of fun.

Want to board that ride? !