How to fight common cold with the help of nature


It’s going to be really quick one. The season is rainy and cloudy. Not love but viruses are in the air. What to do when they attack?

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Trip to the Blogland – part 4. Fish for some links.

Trip to the Blogland - part 2

The fourth part already – time is flying when on a trip. Today we’re going to set our nets and catch some links. These are essential tools on your blogging adventure.

We might say there are three kinds of links you want to paste in your posts. Three kinds of little fish swimming in the ocean of the internet. Your job is to catch them and use accordingly to your needs. 

Maybe just in a bit subtler way…

Links to your posts

You want people to spend as much time as they can on your blog, isn’t it? You also feel the urge to share with the world the amazing content you created. Don’t forget then to weave in your text some links to previous posts on similar subject. This way you encourage your reader to spend more time on your blog.

External links

External links add to the credibility of your text. Also, they provide further information to people interested in the subject. This is appreciated by dedicated readers. Links to articles to other blogs or websites can help in building connections and improving your visibility. Just let the authors know that you recommend their website – maybe they will return the favour.

Affiliate links

That’s the way to earn some extra cash on your blog. Basically, it’s a form of partnership, which lets you earn a small commission for every purchase made using your link. There are plenty of affiliate programmes out there, so it can be confusing for a beginner. If you want to consider your options, have a look at this list of top 15 affiliate programmes every blogger can benefit from

One golden rule is: whenever you place a link on your blog, make sure that your reader will open it in a separate window. To do so, you have to tick the right option when editing link. Because you want the reader to stay on your blog as long as possible, instead of wandering off, isn’t it?

That’s all for today, sailor! If you want a recap of all previous trips, here they are:

Trip to the Blogland part 1

Trip to the Blogland part 2

Trip to the Blogland part 3



Stop that procrastinating, will you?

You’re waiting for the weekend to sort out some important stuff. On Friday, you have plenty of time ahead – two whole days. On Saturday, you’re not worried, as there is Sunday left. Then you blink, and Sunday turns into Monday. You’re waiting for the weekend then, to sort out your stuff, this time for sure.

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3 Reasons Why Autumn is the Season for Writers

3 Reasons Autumn is a Season for Writers

Some people love Autumn, some hate it – like with any other season, really. But there is something special in that time of rain, cold, and depression. Or golden leaves, crisp air, and coziness – depends on how you look at it. We think that Autumn is the especially favourable season for writers.

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Trip to the Blogland – part 3. Voice and Tone; know your difference.

Ahoy, my blogging friend! Ready for today’s adventure?

Tone and voice – you have heard these expressions many, many times, often used interchangeably.

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Suppose Red Riding Hood had carried a gun..? – fairy tales AGAIN, but in a completely different light

Are fairy tales outdated? Most probably. Damsels in distress, superficial love at first sight and improving social status through the magic or pretty dress. And yet, there’s something in them. From a solid few hundred years, we are repeating the same tales in many different ways.

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Pretty stationery – are we really too old for this?

Photo by Copper and Wild on Unsplash

Beautiful notebooks. Novelty pens. Fancy post-it notes. Does your heart beat slightly faster when you just think of these? Do you stroll through the stationery shop as if it was the most beautiful place on earth? Basically – are you a stationery addict?

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