Trip to the Blogland – part 5. Ornament that post!

Trip to the Blogland - part 5

Our trip will soon come to an end. Before it happens, I want to teach you one or two more tricks. Today let’s talk about ornamenting our posts with graphics.

“Why even bother?” you might ask. “Isn’t the content gold itself?”.

Or a diamond?

Well, yes and no.

The content is important, but you must encourage people to even look in its direction. Are you landing on every island you see on the way? No, only on those that interest you in some way; that catch your attention.

Graphics on your blog post have some important functions, besides drawing attention to the text. They can also help strengthening the tone of the post (e.g. funny gifs for informal, humorous content or infographics for… well… informative). Let’s have a closer look at the functions of graphics in blogging.


Nice pictures to make your blog prettier – it can be as simple as that. You can take photos yourself, or download them from websites like Unsplash.

Attention drawing


Here either some exceptional photos can do the job, either drawing or an animated gif. It certainly does draw attention when something is moving in front of the reader’s eyes. Or when a graphic hits the right spot straight away, touching  the reader’s soul, and implements in his mind the idea that the written content will have a similar effect on him.


Infographics are still a thing, and quite powreful. They not only decorate your blog with a splash of colour, they also give your readers some valuable information in an easy form. You can easily make infographics yourself with the help of website like Piktochart. It is a good idea to add your logo and website address to any infographic made by yourself. 

Setting tone

Once you decide on the tone of your text, choosing a graphic should be the easy and fun part. Gifs can add a splash of humour, or help to build a sense of connection with the readers – a reaction gif can show that you and them think similar. Infographic, on the other hand, can set an informative tone.

Remember that your graphics have to correspond clearly with the written content.


Also, try to not overdo it. If there’s more to watch than to read, it may put in jeopardy your reputation of a skilled writer.

Let us know in the comments how do you like your post ornamented?

Also, let us know if you think that games from Monkey Island series are the best adventure games ever made 😉

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