Worse than any movie – writers’ REAL horrors (and what to do about them)

Worst than any movie - writers' REAL horrors

Movies prey on our fear of darkness, uncertainty and supernatural. That’s what still terrifies most of the population. But now imagine the horror movie made solely for writers.

While it would probably bore other people to death, tell me it wouldn’t scare you at all. Below is the list of three worst nightmares of writers. And, unlike the props from the screen, these are sometimes painfully real.

The Night of the Leaving Idea

You are going to sleep, but something is bothering you. You are tossing in your bed, listening to the darkness, but can’t exactly nail it. What is it, that doesn’t allow you to sleep peacefully?


Then, when you’re on the verge between the realms of sleep and reality, you realize it. It’s not an enmity, it’s a friend. Deep inside your head, the Idea is born. The best idea you ever had and ever will. You want to share it with all the world, but before you open your mouth, deep sleep paralyses you.

The following morning is bright and clear, unfortunately – same like your mind. The Idea, the hope of great future, is lost in the depths of the night.

How to avoid such horror?

Just keep a notebook close to your bed. And maybe one in the living room, in the kitchen, bathroom… Spike your house with stationery, to pin any floating ideas straight away to the paper.

The Haunted Mind

You carry it in your mind and body for quite a while. Although invisible to others, it becomes almost an integral part of you. Its gentle whisper seems to be louder than talking or even screaming of your family and friends. Finally, you grow tired of the parasite and you decide that it has grown enough to remove it.

Your tools are pen and paper, keyboard or your phone – anything will do. You are preparing for the operation, finding peace and quiet and… failing miserably. The idea on paper/screen is a miserable imposter, only remotely resembling the one hiding in your head. And no matter how many times you try, the effects are always similar.


How to avoid such horror?

Slow down and start from something smaller. Write something of a less significance first. Put some oil of writing on the rusty screws of your mind. Such exercise will help you with the ideas’ flow and finally you will extract the genius idea from your head to the paper, in a fully satisfying form.

Ancient Evil: the Whisper of Procrastination

This is the day when a masterpiece will be born – at least that’s your plan. You are well prepared, your head is overflowing with ideas and blank page is staring at you encouragingly. And when you are close to start writing, some mysterious voice tells you to tidy up your desk before doing any work. Fine, why not? But when everything is sparkling clean, the voice reminds you about your full fridge and empty stomach. After snack, instead of writing, you are mowing the lawn, arranging your pens in alphabetical order (by the manufacturer’s name), calling your mum, watching one season of Netflix show… Needless to say, the masterpiece isn’t born that day.


The culprit behind it is the demon of procrastination. It whispers in your ear, slowly but steadily distracting you from your goal.

How to avoid such horror?

No internet guru or exorcist will help here. You have to perform an exorcism on the demon of procrastination solely by yourself. Identify the problem at its core and find a solution tailored to your needs. You may check our free ebook Procrastination – Beat It and Get Your Life Back   and use a tip or two. 

What do you think about these horrors? Ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments!

Author: mtswriting

We just love to write. For ourselves and for YOU.

2 thoughts on “Worse than any movie – writers’ REAL horrors (and what to do about them)”

  1. And don’t forget this classic… WordPress Gremlins.

    “Nice job writing a post,” said the Gremlin grinning menacingly, “hope you saved your work!”

    Suddenly bold words appeared on the writers screen. Immediately the writer was consumed by dread as he read the words on screen which stated “Server Error”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, these are common not only at WordPress, but lurking in the shadows of every word processing software too! Probably the only way of defence is to keep a copy of the text in at least two places at once. That may confuse them, these greedy gremlins.


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