How to fight common cold with the help of nature


It’s going to be really quick one. The season is rainy and cloudy. Not love but viruses are in the air. What to do when they attack?

First of all, no matter what smiling people in TV commercials say, think twice before taking any fast-treating-cold-super-remedy. They are harmful in two ways:

1. Creating cozy environment for viruses

2. Making you temporarily feel better, so you can run to work and share your new virus friends with your co-workers.

Try to check out some natural ways. Onion, turmeric, honey, lemon, elderberry… these are not only cheap, but also powerful. The internet is full of instructions on how to use this natural goodness to your benefit.

Also, let’s not underestimate the concentrated power of nature in form of essential oils. Correctly used, they can conquer viruses and bacteria, and fight fever, cough, muscle pain and many more of the inconveniences of cold. If you are new to the subject of essential oils, grab our free eBook Essential Oils – the Essence of Nature at Your Service

What are your tricks to fight a common cold? Let us know in the comments!

Author: mtswriting

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