3 Reasons Why Autumn is the Season for Writers

3 Reasons Autumn is a Season for Writers

Some people love Autumn, some hate it – like with any other season, really. But there is something special in that time of rain, cold, and depression. Or golden leaves, crisp air, and coziness – depends on how you look at it. We think that Autumn is the especially favourable season for writers.

Here’s why:

1. The Atmosphere


If you are writing fiction – no matter what genre – you must sense that special something in the air. It’s like if ghosts of Poe, Wilde, and Shelley were hovering silently through the prematurely dark streets.

The chill in the air, the howl of the wind, the dying nature, tears of the rain – it can all easily set you in the proper mood for writing any horror, thriller, fantasy, romance, or mystery story. 

2. The coffee


The spiced pumpkin latte is undoubtedly the queen of autumn drinks. If you are a coffee lover and a writer in one, you surely appreciate the season’s best. What’s more, we mentioned before that coffee stimulates the brain. And sometimes even the most creative mind needs some extra nudge. 

3. The unpleasant weather


It’s cold, windy, and rainy. Basically, you just don’t feel like going out. Great! Don’t go!  Bad weather gives you a great excuse to stay in and work. Make yourself extra comfortable and warm at home, and write. Is there something better than pressing your keyboard to the rhythm of the November (or October) rain tapping in your window? Even the knowledge that you are in, warm and dry, can improve your mood and make you write with a clear mind. 

Do you agree that Autumn got that “something”, making it especially appealing to the creative people? Let us know!

Author: mtswriting

We just love to write. For ourselves and for YOU.

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