Pretty stationery – are we really too old for this?

Photo by Copper and Wild on Unsplash

Beautiful notebooks. Novelty pens. Fancy post-it notes. Does your heart beat slightly faster when you just think of these? Do you stroll through the stationery shop as if it was the most beautiful place on earth? Basically – are you a stationery addict?

You are getting happy when space in your notebook is finished; it’s a great excuse to run to the shop for another. Even if dozens of them already stands on your shelf, just waiting to be filled. Yes, there may be many of them, but none is exactly what you need right now. It’s hard to explain; it’s just a feeling. Notebook must fit its purpose with the right shape, size, and cover, as a glove fits hand in winter.
Funny how society reacts. You might be an adult and collect Marvel figurines – that’s cool. Stuff all free space of your flat with old comic books? That’s vintage. But collecting pretty stationery? Suddenly that’s “childish.”
We all love pretty things; only not everyone likes to admit it. Come on, these days even our toasters and kettles are decorated. No one wants to drive an ugly car, drink from an ugly cup or live in a house full of hideous items (unless they’re antiques, in which case sit where you are, they’re probably worth a fortune). The same rules should apply to notebooks and other writing paraphernalia.
Or maybe it’s because people aren’t using traditional ways of writing anymore? They don’t write notes on paper – there are apps for that. The art of writing traditional letters is almost forgotten at times, when even emails are almost vintage, as everyone uses messaging apps. loud-house-texting

Students are excused – they have to use their notebooks every day, so they seem to be allowed to choose as nice stationery as they want. To sugarcoat the pain of gaining the school knowledge. But what about adult professionals?

We also have the right to surround ourselves with beautiful and useful objects! We can ornament our world, as it is one of the basic human needs. Well-chosen stationery is not only pleasant for the eye; It can motivate or help to express our personality.


Do you like nice stationery? Or you don’t care, and as for notes, you’re using phone only? Let us know in the comments!

Author: mtswriting

We just love to write. For ourselves and for YOU.

7 thoughts on “Pretty stationery – are we really too old for this?”

  1. I hoard stationary.
    Though I’m rapidly running out, I still have a few amazing notebooks hidden away in the back of a drawer at work from a conference I organized more than 2 years ago. One of our partners sent us enough notebooks to give one to each of the attendees and I spent the hour after the event scavenging every leftover notebook I could find.
    And they really are amazing. They’re the perfect size for carrying in your bag, they’re hardcover so they don’t get creased, AND they have a full set of different size and colors post-it noteson the inside of the cover!
    …I’m getting a little too excited about these notebooks, aren’t I?

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    1. 😀 No, excitement is quite at place here, as proper notebook is a treasure! Especially when paper is of good quality, cover is not only pleasant to the eye, but also resounds with our thoughts, and of course it has to match overall its destined purpose. Notebook for travel notes and the one for crafts notes can’t be exactly the same, can they?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course not!
        It’s good to have a small notebook for jutting down ideas on the go, but sometimes you need a bigger one for the occasional sketch or visualized brainstorming.
        And obviously there’s also the issue of paper type: Do you need blank paper, or lined paper, or maybe even paper with a grid?
        These things matter!

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