Trip to the Blogland – part 2. How to plan your blog?

Trip to the Blogland - part 2Arrrgh, you landlubber! So we meet again! You still have the courage to join me on the trip to the mythical Blogland Island? Great! Here is the second part of your treasure map!

We’re going to speak today about our course, a.k.a. The Plan. What do you think that we’re going to roam through the internet sea aimlessly, waiting for luck? We need a compass and your compass will be your Plan.

Ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. Who am I going to write for?
  2. What am I going to write about?
  3. What goal I want to achieve?

Do you have the answers for these? Great.

Now you can take a quill and a roll of parchment (or start a new document in your word processor) and write all the ideas for posts you can think about. Don’t worry if something sounds stupid – there is no bad posts, there are only badly edited posts.

After your parchment is full, or you run out of ink, read your list. Cross over these ideas that just don’t match the rest – listen to your gut on that one. Choose 4 – 8 best, most shiny, golden ideas and… get to work on actually writing your posts.


Before you even think about posting – polish them with editing cloth until they glow like a Caribbean sun.

Remember that one piece of advice:

“Write like no one will read, but edit like if you were to give a copy to every person on Earth”. 

Once you write half of the posts from your list, you can start to share them with the world – not all at once, of course. Schedule to post one or two per week and keep writing the next ones. You can thank me for that advice later.

OR you can wait until we’ll finish our journey and you’ll learn how to ornament your posts, so more people can enjoy them.

The choice is yours. See you next week, sailor! Keep your piece of map safe, and wait patiently for the next one!

Shhh, if you’ve missed my previous piece of map, you can find it here.


Author: mtswriting

We just love to write. For ourselves and for YOU.

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