Udemy review – learning was never that easy

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Let’s say it from the beginning – this is NOT a sponsored post. Nobody paid us for writing this review, not even with kind words or free dinner (shame). Yet we’re writing it for the sole purpose of spreading the word. And sharing with you something that – in our opinion – is worth sharing.


Or causing chaos

All it takes is an electronic device (phone, computer or tablet) and an internet connection. 

Start learning   

It couldn’t be any easier. Go to www.udemy.com, create a free account, and dive headlong into the world of knowledge. With thousands of courses, it’s hard not to find something interesting. The choice is vast: from project management, content marketing, or financial analysis to yoga, social skills, pet training, or travel tips. Every ground – professional and personal – is covered. 

Prices are starting as low as £11.99. BUT there is good news if you’re very much on the budget: you will find thousands of Udemy courses available absolutely for free. Now no excuse to not learn. 

Another good news is that the prices of the courses are very often being discounted. So if you see a course that is too pricey, just save it on your wishlist. There is a big chance it will be cheaper in the future. 

Obviously, before starting, you can read the opinions of students who completed the course. You may review any course you’ve finished too, to spread the word about amazing content, or to warn people which courses they should avoid.   

Teaching, maybe?

With Udemy, you can not only save money and gain knowledge. You can actually earn money too. If you’re an expert in something or have a solution to some of humanity’s problems – either on a professional or personal level – while not to share your knowledge? Why not design a course and earn some extra income? Even if you’re camera shy – don’t worry, some of the courses are presentations with the voice only. It doesn’t matter as long as your content is well delivered and to the point. You want to deserve good reviews, aren’t you?   

You can teach what he does, only online

College prices are crazy these days, not to mention some private courses, adult learning academies, etc. And quite frankly, we don’t have time for that. We are all busy people. 

So when opportunity of cheap (or free!) learning at your own pace and in the comfort of your own house knocks to your door, don’t pretend you’re not in. Open the door widely and invite the opportunity in, give her some tea and… start getting the useful knowledge. As simple as that. 

Have you tried Udemy before? Or maybe you’re using some other learning platform? Let us know in the comments!




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