Trip to the Blogland – part 1. To blog or not to blog?


Thinking about starting a blog? Or you have one already, and want to improve it? You’re in the right place, mate! Hop aboard and let us sail to the mythical island of Blogland.

Here’s the treasure map for you – each week I will present you with another piece. Until you’ll find your very own treasure on the Blogland Island.  

To blog or not to blog? That’s not a question.

Not nowadays. 

Even if you’re selling shoelaces in the middle of the Sahara desert, or ice cream on the North Pole, you still need to make your presence online. If you’re not involved in any kind of business activity, you may just want to share your thoughts with the world. Blogging is the kind of solution that’s easily adjustable to a wide variety of purposes.  

Let’s look at the pros and cons of blogging in general, shall we?

Gold of blogging:


  • you can share your priceless thoughts with the world,
  • you can meet like-minded people,
  • you can give your business a more friendly face,
  • you can inform about events and offers,
  • you can use your blog as portfolio. 

Dirt of blogging (a whole jar of it):


  • You have to write (or find a skilled writer to do it for you),
  • You have to be consistent in posting,
  • You have to put some time and effort into keeping your blog alive,
  • You have to come up with fresh ideas frequently.

Are you ready for a challenge, then? Of course you are, welcome aboard! Let us conquer together the high seas of the internet! Stay sharp mate, next week I will give you another piece of the treasure map. Ahoy, adventure!

Any questions about the quest? Just send me a parrot or write a comment below. 

Author: mtswriting

We just love to write. For ourselves and for YOU.

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