Coffee break! 5 facts you don’t know (yet!) about your morning elixir of life.

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Aaaaaah, coffee… Liquid gold, elixir of life. What would we do without a mug of that beverage at morning, another on the way to work, maybe one more during a break and after coming home..? Have you ever heard people saying you drink too much coffee? Does the term ‘too much’ even applies to our favourite drink? 

With spiced pumpkin latte season just around the corner, we gathered some fun facts about coffee. Yes, drinking some while writing. 

1. Coffee stimulates the brain

Coffee contains caffeine – that’s what everyone knows. Caffeine is a funny substance, that  goes straight to our central nervous system and starts its own rule in there. First of all, it blocks a chemical component called adenosine. What’s its crime? It makes you sleepy. And that’s not welcomed on the Monday morning.

What caffeine likes is dopamine – called also a happiness hormone. Coffee aids its flow in the body. That explains why you feel the way you feel after tasting some caramel latte with extra cream.  

2. Coffee lovers live longer

As weird as it seems, the science seems to back this one up. The study had been conducted in the UK, collecting data of 500,000 individuals and their caffeine intake habits. The results are as follows: drinking coffee can lower the risk of premature death.  One cup a day reduces that risk by 6%, while 8 cups or more – by 14%.

Before substituting all your drinking liquids with coffee though, hear that: adding toppings and flavors can reduce health benefits of coffee. Also, drinking coffee all day won’t make up for a healthy diet and regular exercise.


3. Coffee is low in calories

Good news for calorie counters – you don’t have to cut down on coffee if you’re trying to lose weight. The bad news, though, is that you probably should remove from it all the extra flavorings. A simple cup of regular coffee contains about 2 calories (4 for instant coffee). After adding milk and sugar, it turns into 30 calories drink. If instead of milk you’ll add cream – that’s 50 calories. One medium caffe latte in your favourite coffee shop contains about 135 calories. So if you are on a strict diet but don’t want to give up coffee, it’s best to stick with black one. 

Want to read more about calories in coffee? Have a look here for a detailed breakdown.  

4. Coffee can be used in cosmetics

You must have seen cosmetics with coffee in Lush, Body Shop, even in Superdrug. The most popular are coffee scrubs – they remove all the dirt and oil build-up from the skin, leaving it unbelievably soft. And smelling amazing! You know what is the best part? You can prepare such a cosmetic at home! Yes, you can have the product of a high-end quality, but for a fraction of the price.

For the most basic recipe you just need to combine ground coffee with an oil of choice. Sweet almond oil seems to work great, also coconut oil (although it depends where you live, as coconut oil hardens in cold temperature and can clog the drains), or jojoba oil. You can also add some sugar for extra scrubbing effect.



If you want a bit more advanced recipe, check out Wellness Mama website, and her Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub – it certainly sounds delicious.  

       5. Coffee may be used as biodiesel

“If coffee revives us, why not our car?” – that’s the question scientists must have asked themselves one day. And they started researching the possibilities of turning coffee into biodiesel. It’s already happening. Arthur Kay is the founder of bio-bean, a company that turns coffee waste into biofuel. It is good news that the UK’s 500,000 tonnes of used coffee beans per year, can be employed to some better purpose than lying on the landfill. As Kay has the support of the fuel giant Shell, we can probably expect his biofuel to conquer other European countries and USA soon. You can read more about the project here: The man putting coffee into fuel.

Do you drink coffee? Ok, that was a silly question. HOW MUCH coffee do you drink per day? Are you using coffee for any other purpose, like cosmetics or fuel? Let us know!  


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