5 ultimate ways to come up with ideas for your next blog post

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Who doesn’t know that feeling: it’s time to post on your blog, so you sit in front of your computer. Opening a new page in Word and… nothing happens. Your mind and your page are equally blank. Where to take the ideas from? Does mythical Mine of Ideas exist?It does, in the same land where the mythical Mine of Clients lay. In our world, we need to manage and dig out ideas metaphorically only. That’s why I’m presenting you today with 5 ultimate ways of finding ideas for your next blog post.

1. Check news and trends in your niche

You are using social media anyway, so there is a big chance you already know quite well about all the news and trends in your (and your readers’) area of interest. Just use whatever subject is hot and spoken about, and let the readers know your opinion. Good tip described by Lee Coppin from ww.leecoppin.com is to use a quote from another popular article and to express own opinion about the presented idea. You can read more about this method at Lee’s website. Then inform the authors of the post that you had quoted them. Hopefully, they will share your post with their readers, so this way you are both helping each other to draw more traffic towards your blogs. 

2. Find out readers’ problems and present a solution

As I mentioned before people care only about themselves. Sad but true. They rarely read blogs just for the sheer joy of it. They are usually looking for solutions to their problems. So find out what are their concerns and questions. You can use social media or forums to get such knowledge. Also, you can go to viral blogs in your niche and read through the comment sections. See what people are asking about, what are their needs. And write your own blog post addressing these needs.

3. Use personal experience and opinion

The truth is that if you write what you had for dinner, nobody will care except your mum (who might call you to persuade you with an idea of a more balanced diet). You know it by now, people care about themselves only. But if you’re using a personal experience wisely, it can not only give you an idea for a blog post, it will show your accessible, human face. Be relatable –  people love to read something they can nod over saying ‘yes, that’s true, I’m the same’. They love to relate. So give them some anecdotal evidence while making your point in the post.

4. Get inspired randomly, trust your gut

Do you know how Agatha Christie came up with her most famous detective? She saw a Belgian guy on the bus. A man who was looking exactly like Poirot we know and love today. She trusted her gut feeling and went with it – turned her sudden inspiration into many bestselling books. 

Obviously no one tells you to start writing crime stories or to stare at strangers at the public transport (that could be frowned upon).


But you can see or hear during the day something, even a small detail, that makes you think. Which could be a kick-start to a good story or a great post. Just try to follow your writer’s instinct.

5. If you can’t write it – outsource it

Not everyone is a writer – which is all right. If we were all doing the same, the world would be a boring place. Nowadays every company needs a dedicated blog, but not every company owner is a born blogger. If you are using a blog for commercial reasons it can be very hard to manage it all – business related matters plus social media and ideas for blog posts at the top. Don’t feel shy to ask for help. If you can’t write it – outsource it. As simple as that. You can find content writers pretty much everywhere: there are lots of companies and freelancers just waiting to present you with a quality content for a reasonable price.

Oh, yes, price. Try to not be stingy and avoid websites like Fiverr. Sure, you can get your text cheap, but so you can if you grab a random kid from middle school nearby and get him to write for you.


If you want a job to be done professionally, trust professionals, simple as that.

Tell us more about your own sources of inspirations! How do YOU come up with ideas for posts?


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