Essential oils part 4 – tea tree and its superpower


Last week we’ve visited Australia and discussed eucalyptus oil and koalas. Let’s hang out here for a bit longer. Would you like some tea? No? What about tea tree? Just don’t drink it, I can show you other uses of this versatile plant oil. 

The proper name of that small tree is Melaleuca alternifolia – now try to say it quickly three times. Or even once. Its leaves have been used by Australia’s native Aborigines since ages, mostly for medical purposes. The ‘modern world’ caught up in the early 20th century; the earliest publication on the subject comes from the 1920’s. But once this miraculous oil has been recognized and appreciated, its fame spread far and wide. During World War 2 every good Australian soldier would carry on him a bottle of tea tree oil  – we may just wonder how many lives it saved.   

So, what is so special about tea tree? What is its superpower?

It kicks germs right in the face. 

With a roundhouse kick.

Oh yes, it is a little fighter and it won’t spare any bacteria, fungus or virus. That’s why tea tree oil is not only a powerful helper in treating our health – it can be an invaluable aid in cleaning our homes.  

Tea tree oil is known to help with skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. Not only face skin can benefit from this powerful oil’s help – scalp too can relax now. Tea tree is known and proven to be a powerful weapon in the fight with dandruff. You can add a few drops to your usual shampoo and wait for the effects. In case of unwanted tenants on your head – lice – give them some tea. Some tea tree. They will definitely shorten their visit, due to their own death. 

Although beneficial for humans, tea tree oil may be not appreciated by your pets. Generally you should be very careful and check properly with a specialist before using any essential oil around your cat, dog or hamster. 

There are some animals and insects to whom tea tree oil is unpleasant or dangerous. Let’s just mention bed bugs and cockroaches. It’s easy to get these unwelcomed guests into home, sadly it proves to be more difficult to evict them. Tea tree oil seems to be the solution. When diluted and prepared in the form of spray, it will not only scare them to death. If sprayed directly – it will bring nicely smelling death right on them.  


So, to make things easier, here is the list of tea tree oil benefits:

  • Killing bacteria and viruses,
  • Repelling insects,
  • Fighting fungi,
  • Controlling dandruff,
  • Relieving psoriasis, acne and eczema,
  • Powerfully aiding house cleaning.

A few words of caution – remember that essential oils are very concentrated goodness. When dealing with essential oils, try to not forget these few simple safety measures:

  • ‘Less is more’ applies to the use of essential oils.
  • Never use essential oils directly to the skin – always dilute them with a carrier oil or in case of bath or inhalation – in water
  • Be careful about taking any essential oil internally – consult it with a specialist first, as some essential oils can be very toxic.
  • Be careful with essential oils around pets, especially cats. Essential oils can be all from unpleasant to dangerous for them. 
  • Consult a specialist before using essential oils on children. Their bodies are smaller and react differently – also not all of the oils are suitable for kids. 
  • Consult a specialist about using essential oils while pregnant.

That might sound a bit intimidating, but care is required with any kind of medicine, natural too. For the wide range of essential oils benefits, it is still worth to give them a chance. 

Are you friend or enemy of tea tree oil? Let us know in the comments!

And here you can read about other essential oils: bergamot, lavender and eucalyptus.

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2 thoughts on “Essential oils part 4 – tea tree and its superpower”

  1. Good stuff! I apply Tea Tree to my toenails and fingernails and let it soak before I do a home mani-pedi. It leaves my cuticles looking so healthy!


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