Give me that Time – Turner! When should freelancer work.

Humanity is a funny thing. When it comes to opinion, it loves to divide into two different sides. What was first: the chicken or the egg? Is a glass half empty or half full? Team Edward or Team Jacob? And finally: when a freelancer should work – early mornings or at nights?

Why not daytime? That’s when normal people work, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. When you hold a full time position, obviously you’re coming to office/shop at times set by their management. It’s different for freelancers; people who often have to leave 8-5 for other activities. Like managing the house, kids or a daytime job. People, who have to hide in the bathroom from their own children to have some work done. Who have to pass on all social occasions, because the deadline of the project is approaching, and the Ministry of Magic still isn’t sending that Time – Turner (seriously, freelancers need it way more than Hermione).

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay more

The only options to avoid ‘rush hours’ seem to be either waking up so early, roosters are still dreaming in their beds, or staying up so late, that there’s no point in going to bed anymore. Both ways have their pros and cons. Let’s try to list them:

Working at night


  • Peace and quiet
  • You may have thought over your ideas during daytime
  • You’re going to bed with a feeling of accomplishment


  • Stress building up the whole day may affect your work at night
  • You may be too tired to work efficiently (coffee often doesn’t work anymore)
  • You are losing a valuable night sleep

Working at early morning


  • Peace and quiet
  • Fresh beginning as no experience, good or bad, built up yet
  • You are starting the day with a nice fuzzy feeling of accomplishment
  • Later you may have more time and energy for your everyday duties


  • You may be too sleepy to make your brain work efficiently (hint: coffee helps)
  • You actually have to wake up and leave the asylum of the warm blanket


What do you think? Are you working on your projects/blog in the darkness of the night or do you prefer an early morning rise and shine? Let us know in the comments!

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