Free gift for everyone and princess tales retold


Who doesn’t love free stuff? And when we’re saying free – we mean it. No registration or leaving your details, shoe number or soul. Click and it’s yours.

If you’ve read our earlier post you know what we think of Disney princesses. Less of feeling their pain of wanting more from life, than rather wondering: ‘Where were the parents?’ (rhetorical question of course, we know they’re presumably dead. It really must be the worst job in the world – being Disney parent). Anyway, at MTS writing we love to see things differently. We also love fairy tales. And retellings. If you share these interests with us, just download our eBook ‘Something Lost, Something Red, Something New – Old Stories Refashioned’. 

So… in a need of quick read during bus or train journey? Or to a morning coffee? Maybe quiet summer evenings on the veranda with a cooling drink in one hand and Kindle in the other? No matter what are the place preferences, we all enjoy a good story. Now, at the beginning of summer holiday (at least in the UK) we present you with three such stories in one book.

Three girls. Three different timelines. Three bold choices. Stories that feel familiar, but with a twist. Classical fairy tales characters in a completely different light.  

Without any further delay, we invite you to get the book and enjoy the stories. Don’t forget to let us know in a comment if you like them or hate them.

P.S. If you’re interested in our other fee eBooks, head on to the Free Stuff page 🙂










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