Essential oils part 1 – bergamot: small, green and so cool

Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

I will start the series with my absolute personal favourite – bergamot essential oil. Why do I love it above all other oils? Is it the scent? Is it wide range of properties? Well, I guess it’s a mix of both.

Bergamot itself looks a bit like a poor relative of lemon or lime. Especially considering that it doesn’t possess their richness of taste. In fact, bergamot is small, ugly and bitter, inedible to humans. But that’s OK. It earns our respect in other ways.


Bergamot essential oil, derived by cold compression, is loved all over the world for its sweet, fresh smell. Tea connoisseurs will recognize it instantly, as the famous Earl Grey tea is infused with bergamot, for a distinct aroma.

This lovely smell is a gem fully appreciated in aromatherapy. Bergamot oil is well known for calming, relaxing and depression fighting properties. When combined with lavender oil for a massage – deep relax guaranteed. It reduces the amount of stress hormone called corticosterone – just for this name it should surely be reduced. 


It can also aid our digestion, which can be quite helpful after really big and tasty meal. Bergamot oil stimulates secretion of few nasty but very useful juices: acids, bile and enzymes. That helps to quicken digestion process. 

Bergamot essential oil is quite a fighter. It will enter into combat with germs, virus and fungi. Thanks to that it can aid our cleaning (few drops to home-made multi purpose spray), as well as our health. It works as a natural antibiotic, also can help to reduce fever and on top of that – to reduce pain. 

Pretty good for an ugly lemon, eh? And that’s not even all. If you’re interested in more details about bergamot and other essential oils, check out the website Organic Facts. A LOT of detailed info there, really worth reading.

If you are scrolling impatiently through this text just to get to the list of benefits, here it is:

Bergamot essential oil health benefits

  • Helps to relax, reduces anxiety and stress
  • Aids digestion
  • Fights germs, virus and fungi
  • Works as a natural antibiotic
  • Helps to reduce fever
  • Helps to reduce pain

If you prefer to keep it even simpler, here you are:


A few words of caution – remember, that essential oils are very concentrated goodness. That’s why try to remember these few simple rules: 

  • ‘Less is more’ applies to the use of essential oils.
  • Never use essential oils directly on the skin – always dilute them with a carrier oil, or in case of bath or inhalation – in water.
  • Citrus oils (bergamot too), may increase skin sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. Be careful when applying them to sun – exposed skin, and preferably apply also some sunblock. 
  • Be careful about taking any essential oil internally – consult it with a specialist first, as some essential oils can be very toxic.
  • Be careful with essential oils around pets, especially cats. These oils can be all from unpleasant to dangerous for them. 
  • Consult a specialist before using essential oils on children. Their bodies are smaller and react differently – also not all of the oils are suitable for kids. 

That might sound a bit intimidating, but care is required with any kind of medicine, natural too. For the wide range of essential oils’ benefits, it is still worth to give them a chance. 

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

If you’re still a bit confused and would like to know more about essential oils in general, check my previous post.

What are your use of bergamot essential oil? Let us know in the comments!

M. R.


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