Organize home and life – power in your hands (really!)


“My house is such a mess”. How many times you hear such a confession from overtired friend? How many times you admit it yourself? It looks like despite all the time spent on cleaning, tidying and scrubbing, effects are never visible for long enough.


We feel trapped in that ever-repeating circle of ineffective housework. NOW it is time to stop, think and break free. It’s time to take over the control of both: house and life.

First changes must happen not in the containment of the home but in the head. A completely different approach is required. Before we proceed, I want you to understand one, seemingly simple thing: YOU are the person responsible for changes in your life. You, and no one else, have to work on improvements. Whole universe won’t stop to give you a break, kids won’t stop messing out of pure mercy, dust won’t stop gathering on furniture, saying ‘oh, sorry, I see you’re tired’. You have to take over the control and do everything what’s in your power to make your life easier. The sad truth is that no one will do it for you, not really. There’s no point in sitting like Cinderella and waiting for good fairy to come and transform your life. Just do it yourself. That may require certain amount of resourcefulness, craftiness and thinking outside the box – use whatever will work for you.

We live in an era of consumerism. We are encouraged on every step to purchase something. Did I say ‘encouraged’? More often we are tricked into it. So many items enters our lives on a daily basis. And honestly: how many of them we really, I mean REALLY, need?


They all take space. Just think about it. Every single thing you buy, big or small, takes some part of your personal space and slowly suffocates you.

Many of the book authors and internet gurus present widely their organization ideas, mostly based on getting fancy boxes, files and other containers, and neatly stuffing all the mess inside. Out of sight, out of heart, right? But isn’t such a solution similar to treating long-term illness with a Paracetamol? It can help with the symptoms, but will it solve the problem at its’ core? Instead of drowning in things, we will drown in happy, colorful and expensive storage organizers. Which, by the way, we are being tricked into buying, and someone out there makes some good cash on our struggle. What’s the point?


Please remember, that everyone is different. That’s why one, ultimate method to organize your life and home doesn’t exist. But that’s OK. Who knows you better than you yourself? You can research organization tips, read the books on the subject, but always place yourself in the first place all the time. Analyze all the info with your own needs in mind. Listen to yourself. Find the way. Take the matters in your own hands. Come on, you can do it. Believe in yourself – I believe in you.    


Author: mtswriting

We just love to write. For ourselves and for YOU.

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