Why is crafting good for YOU?


Crafting – that word usually brings to mind pretty items handmade by highly skilled individuals with lots of time and money on their hands. But the truth is, anyone can be a crafter and create beautiful or beautiful AND useful items.

Crocheting, knitting, sewing, card making, scrapbooking, glass painting, embroidery, jewellery making – the choice is really huge and not limited to activities mentioned above. And you can start at any age; it’s never too late or too soon to discover one’s creative side. Internet is full of free tutorials and advices on any kind of craft. But the beauty of crafting also comes from this: it brings so many side benefits, others than just a pretty item and pride you feel upon completing the project.

  1. Crafting improves your mental well-being

It is scientifically proven that people who engage themselves in creative activities are at less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. It is due to fact, that when crafting, we force our brains to make an extra exercise. There are also many studies carried by scientists and psychologists, proving that knitting, sewing or basket weaving is soothing and calming, also it brings us the effect similar to that of yoga or meditation. Crafting can also help people who suffer from depression or low self-esteem. When you discover what you are able to create, it can really boost your confidence.

  1. Crafting teaches patience, helps to develop creative and strategic thinking

Whatever the project is, it usually requires more or less planning. You need to choose the materials, think of the design, and arrange the colors. Then you need to plan step-by-step activities needed to complete the project. It can improve your logical and strategic thinking skills. It can also teach patience, as every project needs to be done properly – if you try to rush things, the effect won’t be satisfying.

  1. Crafting can save you money

This one is a bit tricky, because if you are a craft addict, even if you save money, you will most probably spend them on craft supplies. But once you learn how to make household items, clothes, accessories or gifts, you will realize how shops are ripping us on such things. Even if you are a complete novice in the craft world, you can quickly become a pro and make items much better than those you can find on the shops’ shelves. It is a good idea to look for your craft supplies on the internet, for example on websites like eBay. They are often coming cheaper than in craft stores.

  1. You can earn money while doing what you love

If you have a businesswoman sitting deep inside you, it might be the time to let her out. There are always people who like handmade items but won’t even try to make anything themselves. Instead, they are willing to pay others for creating something they want. For this kind of business you don’t need great starting funds or place. Internet and Etsy or Facebook account will be enough for beginning.

  1. You will meet a lot of amazing people

Once you will pick the craft that agrees with you, you may look for like-minded souls in your community. Sometimes local libraries, craft shops or womens’ clubs are arranging weekly meetings with the purpose of bringing creative people together. And there is always the internet. Once you start posting pictures of your finished projects on Facebook or Instagram, craft-loving friends will appear themselves. It can be also a good idea to start a blog about your hobby. I had seen many ladies starting as readers of each other’s blogs, and ending up as close friends even in the real world, out of the Web.

  1. You can show love in exceptional way

Even most expensive gift will not show as many warm feelings as something prepared for a special person by loving hands. Is it a handmade card given on special occasion or crocheted set of coasters, a receiver will for sure appreciate your efforts. If you have children or grandchildren, just imagine preparing winter hats or handmade toys for them. Crafted items also make great baby shower gifts. If you are looking for inspiration, check Pinterest or just google the item you want to make.

Browse through the internet, think of what you would like to try. Maybe you always wanted to sew clothes by yourself? Or used to adore those handmade cards you’ve seen on the fair? Or your friend is making sweaters for her grandchildren and you would love to try knitting too? Remember! It is never too late to start something new, even if you are a complete beginner. Also, never force yourself. If one kind of craft does not agree with you, there are plenty of others and the only limit is your imagination.

Image source: http://www.unsplash.com

Author: mtswriting

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