5 reasons to love winter



Lady Winter finally visited UK attired properly in white. In other words – for a while we had snow. That inspired us to rethink our relationship with winter season. Do we love it? Do we hate it? Are we somewhere in between? Here is an effect of those thoughts: an ultimate list of things we love about winter.

1. Snow

Yes, we know… We are all professional adults here, not easily distracted by some clean-white, fluffy powder, sparkling in the sun like Edward Cullen’s skin. And yet there is something in the sight of a falling snow that reminds us about childhood when “real winters” were a thing. And somehow soothes us up too. Unless, of course,  we have to shovel away about a ton of that white wonder just to get to our own car.

2. Warm sweaters and cozy socks

As it is essential during winter to stay warm, it’s also a time to dig out all these jumpers from the wardrobe. Even the ugly ones will add up to the winter coziness,  as long as they’re super soft and super comfortable. Pair it with warm socks and the season’s literally hottest look for the relax at home is attained.

3. Early evenings with book or movie

Winter days are short, leaving us with long evenings. That gives a feeling of working day finishing early and relax-time starting at 5 o’clock. And what is better than curling up on a sofa, with a warm blanket and Netflix or good book? The darker and colder outside world look, the warmer and cozier feeling we get from our blanket cocoon and an imaginary world of literature or film. Speaking of which…

4. Seasonal literature and movies

At winter months we can witness a special kind of entertainment almost literally pouring from the sky. It’s not only seasonal specials of famous shows, but also lots of rom-coms happening in a setting of snow covered mountain hotels, or books about love and family, warm enough to melt that snow covering the mountain hotel. Regarded as cheesy at any other time of the year, at winter that kind of stories somehow find an easier way to our hearts. Probably shoveling it through the snow to get there.

5. Hot beverages

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cocoa – simple drinks, but in winter we seem to appreciate them much more. They not only warm up our frozen bodies, they also touch our souls, soothing and calming them. And sharing with someone a hot, aromatic beverage of choice on a cold winter morning, can be way more romantic than showering them with plastic hearts. Or red roses. Seriously, when on one side we have flowers and on other – hot cocoa with cinnamon, topped with fresh cream and sprinkled with a bit of chocolate, which do you think gonna be the winner?

What is YOUR favorite thing about winter? Let us know in the comments 😉


Author: mtswriting

We just love to write. For ourselves and for YOU.

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